Friday, 31 August 2012

It's official!

This time next week I'll be at Heathrow Airport, waiting to board my flight to Kenya (where I will then get another flight to Malawi). I've printed my ticket, I've done my second final shopping run (I'll do my final final one on Monday, and then maybe another on Thursday) and I've been told that my accommodation is confirmed. I still don't know many specific details about it, just that it's in a feeding centre run by a larger orphan and community care organisation, it's about 5 minutes away from Samaritan Trust and it has electricity and running water. I'm super excited now, but really scared. Part of me wants to carry on packing, but the other part knows that everything isn't going to fit in my rucksack, and really wants to avoid the stress and mess. I only have a week left of being able to sit mindlessly in front of a computer screen instead of doing what I should be doing, so I think I really ought to make the most of it.

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